What is the reason for ginger leaf? How to prevent it?


What is the reason for ginger leaf? How to prevent it?
? ? Ginger leaves are frequently and frequently distributed, and one water and two waters can't be solved at all. In the past years, whether we are ginger growers or friends of dealers, we will encounter the problem of ginger leaves, but have you found that the same problem occurs? The causes and solutions are different in different years.
What is the reason for ginger leaf? How to prevent it?
? ? Many teachers said many reasons: poor calcium absorption, high temperature, poor humidity control, fat burning, etc. It is true that these factors will lead to the occurrence of our ginger leaf, but have you found that no matter what the factor is, the root vitality of our ginger is worse, and the root vitality is worse. The leaf is just a kind of leaf that tells us to "save" it A manifestation of symptoms.
? ? ① calcium absorption is not good. There are many elements that affect the growth of the growth point and leaf expansion. Calcium is only one of them. So why is it lack of calcium alone? Because the absorption of calcium is different from other elements, the absorption of calcium mainly depends on the transpiration tension, and the root pressure is very small. So some people say that the emergence of Xiao Miao is calcium deficiency? Unless the mother and child are broken or decorated. Then the factors that affect the transpiration pull force will affect the absorption of calcium, and leaf curling or other symptoms of calcium deficiency (high temperature, high humidity, strong light, soil moisture) will occur. If there is no root system or the root system is not good, it will also affect the absorption of water by the root system The absorption of calcium will also be affected, and the absorption of other elements will also be affected.
? ? ② Not to mention the fat burning, which directly affects the vitality of the root system, so the supply of water and mineral elements above the ground will be affected.
? ? Therefore, while our dealer friends suggested that the growers should apply some fertilizer, the key is that we growers pay more attention to the changes in the weather and adjust their management.